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Managing PINKEYE in sheep

Pinkeye is mostly caused by a bacterial infection but there are multiple factors which increase the risk of occurrence.

These include:

Pigmentation - pinkeye is generally common in non-pigmented eyes.

Flies - they carry the bacteria from animal to animal.

Dust - irritates the eye.

UV light - increases irritation.

Thistles, hay, straw - cause physical damage to eye and can transmit infection.

Overcrowding - high stocking/yarding rates assist transfer of pinkeye.

Immune status - sheep in poor condition are less able to mount an immune response to infection.

Generally in an outbreak situation there are 3 things which can help:

1. Reducing spread of bacteria by controlling fly numbers by the use of pour-ons.

2. Prompt segregation of affected animals - isolate & treat with antibiotics.

3. Avoid unnecessary yarding's during dusty months.

Our vets are happy to examine your animal to provide treatment and discuss management strategies for this distressing condition. After diagnosing pinkeye, we can supply the required medication to treat this condition.


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