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When is it TOO Cold & TOO Hot!


Given that the hot summer is approaching, it can predispose our furry friends to a life threatening situation like heat stroke.

Factors that increase the risk:

´ When animal is left outdoors in hot/humid weather without adequate shade or water.

´ Exercise in hot weather, especially working dogs

´ Left in a car even with a window wound down

´ Obesity or diseases like laryngeal paralysis /tracheal collapse /cardiac issues / epilepsy

´ Brachycephalic breeds (ie short nosed breeds) e.g. Pekingese, Pug or Boston terrier


Your pet will appear to be in distress, pant excessively and become restless. Then they may start to drool large amount of saliva from mouth and or nose. Weakness, collapse and seizure may also be noticed.


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